Meet Management

Dr. Michael Chen - Owner of Empire Pharmacy Consultans

Ana Granato

Vice President of Operations


Ana Granato became part of the Empire Pharmacy Consultants team in 2010 as an Administrative Assistant to the CEO. Through her dedication, loyalty and “do whatever it takes” attitude, she has earned her way through the ranks to become Vice President of Operations. With over 20 years of Operations Management experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and innovated ideas to EPC. Mrs. Granato works diligently to make sure all departments and valued clients within EPC receive the care and attention necessary to ensure flawless productivity. Her dedication to the company’s mission, “to strive for excellent service” and desire to contribute relentlessly has led her to be one of the most respected individuals in EPC. Mrs. Granato continues to cultivate creative, and innovative leadership methods to ensure the growth and success of EPC. As a native of Miami Dade, Florida, she knows how to enjoy her leisure time with fishing, cooking and spending time with family.


Dr. Michael Chen - Owner of Empire Pharmacy Consultans

Adrian Rouco

Senior Sales Manager



Adrian Rouco joined Empire Pharmacy Consultants in 2013 as a Territory Sales Representative. Through his diligence and quick ability to comprehend, adapt and attention to detail he earned his way through the ranks to be Senior Sales Manager. Prior to working with EPC, Adrian worked with several corporations as their lead Sales Advisor where he customarily trained and advised teams on better methods of selling and enhancing customer service. Mr. Rouco strongly believes that each client should feel a personal as well as a professional connection when interacting with us. His extensive knowledge, experience and drive have been invaluable with helping us expand throughout the states. As an expert in pharmacy and enhanced skills in customer service, he genuinely believes we can always do better, provide better and have room to be better.


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