Why EPC?

Frank Whitchurch, UnitedHealth Group

While the economy has shown some signs of recovery in recent months, there are still thousands of people who daily must make a choice – food or medicine. In January 2009, the Utilization of Unused Medications Act, passed by the Kansas Legislature the year before, went into effect, triggering a celebration in the executive offices of Prescription Solutions in Overland Park. “It was the culmination of a long journey,” Frank Whitchurch remarks.

The year before, Whitchurch saw a possible “alignment of the stars” bringing together private and public sectors for the benefit of many. “Isn’t that what we’re about -- helping people live healthier lives?”

In 2008, a colleague at the Overland Park facility spoke to Whitchurch, manager of Pharmacy Operations for Prescription Solutions, about how many drugs were going to waste each year. Being a long-time Kansan who is highly interested in governmental affairs, Whitchurch was aware of legislation being introduced that would allow the state’s nursing homes and hospitals to donate medications that would otherwise be destroyed to clinics serving those in need. He recognized this as an opportunity to convince the legislature to include mail service pharmacies in this legislation, which would allow Prescriptions Solutions to donate its unused medications instead of destroying them.

“State Rep. Kay Wolf introduced the initial legislation but it didn’t include mail service pharmacy facilities,” Whitchurch points out. “I made two trips to the legislature to testify about including operations like Prescription Solutions, a mail service pharmacy. Our executive management was very supportive of this plan and supported my attempts to get the legislation changed. It is a testimony to the spirit of this organization – always thinking about what we can do to make things better.”

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