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Empire Pharmacy Consultants is the most innovating Pharmacy Staffing and Consulting Firm in the industry. Providing service to all 50 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Let us show you the benefits of working with a service driven company that strongly believes there is no limit when it comes to quality of service.

Success Stories

Excerpt from AMCP President Brian Sweet's Get Vocal Speech
Brian Sweet, former president of AMCP, mentions EPC approach to staffing as a cornerstone of the amazing success of his program in Western New York, as he explains the humanitarian efforts of many managed care pharmacists.

Alex Morrison, USPharmacist.com
Working over the years with EPC, helped me to instantly secure a new position with one of the leading Big Pharma Companies. I would like to thank Michael and his team for the tremendous work they did in finding the best match for my skills.

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About Us

Empire Pharmacy Consultants is a pharmacy staffing and pharmacy consulting firm dedicated to providing excellent service and perfect placement for pharmacies since 2007. Its President, CEO and Founder, Dr. Michael Chen PharmD, CPH., is a pharmacist with more than 25 years of first-hand experience within pharmacy and business. Dr. Chen built EPC from the ground up with the ideology that everything has room for improvement.

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Redefine your expectations
Redefine your expectations Empire Pharmacy Consultants propel your end objectives. Empire’s team of valued experts are abreast of every possible means to optimize your pharmacy business. Technology is rapidly enhancing pharmacy business operations. While...
No Better Time the Now
No Better Time the Now Do you make your decision now? The time to change your pharmacy business has been festering in your thoughts for a while. The need for change has accumulated and now you’re ready to proceed. The question is, what’s the best way to...
Bring Clarity and Profit to your Pharmacy Operations!
Bring Clarity and Profit to your Pharmacy Operations! A successful pharmacy business takes many hours of strategic planning and implementation of refined methods. This is the primary reason many successful pharmacy owners have trusted Empire Pharmacy...